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Running Form

Improving running form is a relatively simple process that anyone who devotes time and effort can improve. Where many make a wrong turn is expecting that by simply doing a single or series of running drills that the drills alone will improve their running form. A drill is only a tool to bring AWARENESS to how you run.

The Key is to carry running form awareness with you on every training run.


  • Alway focus on tall posture with your hips under your shoulders.

  • Relax - Relax - Relax

  • Practice being light on the balls of your feet.

  • Move both forward and backward to condition soft tissues and build balance in your body.

  • Practice the drills as a warm up before running or on their own 2 days a week.

Running Form Routine
Download • 60KB

Download instructions to have the routine on your phone or to print a paper copy!



  • 10-15 minutes jogging to gradually warm-up your body temperature.

  • Followed by a dynamic warm-up movements of your choice or 1 round of drills at a very easy effort.


  • Perform each drill over a distanc of 25-50 meters.

  • Move out traveling forward and return traveling backwards.

  • Each drill is to be done 3-5 times at a speed you can move fluid and relaxed.

#1 Jogging in S-Shape

Jog in large arcing s-shapes. Focus on strong ankles, knees and hips.

#2 High Knees Butt Kicks

Alternate between 4 high knees and 4 butt kicks. Focus on maintaining vertical posture, i.e. Avoid leaning forward or back.

#3 Carioca

Focus on twisting hips so that they are switching close to 180deg.

#4 High Feet

Pull your heel up to the crease where your hamstring meets your glutes. Relax your ankles.

#5 Skipping

Focus on driving knee and opposite arm in unison. Coordination is key to becoming fluid. Work for skipping height.

#6 Bounding

Work to cover long distance in each bound while maintaining a tucked pelvis.

#7 Run 3 Different Speeds

Incorporate all the skills you just practiced. Be light on your feet, drive you knee, keep your hips under your shoulders, and do it all fluently. There should be a distinct difference between your 3 running speeds.


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