8 Drills to Becoming a Fluent Runner

Running is a simple activity that prior to a more sedentary lifestyle came very natural for us as humans. There are many methods on the most effective way to improve running technique. Regardless of which method you chose to explore there should always be a basic foundation of conditioning the body, that is established prior to training a specific running technique.

Defining Conditioning and Training

  • Conditioning - Developing and Maintaining the functional ability of the body.

  • Training - Enhancing the functional ability of the body.

Basic Functionals to be Conditioned Prior to Training a Specific Technique

  • Proper Posture

  • Ability to Move in all Directions

  • Fluent Movement

  • Coordination

8 Drills to Condition the Body for Running - The drills are designed to be simple and challenge your body to move in all directions at various speeds.

  • Allway focus on tall posture with your hips under your shoulders.

  • Each drill is to be practiced at a slow speed, medium speed, and a fast speed.

  • Practice being light on the balls of your feet.

  • Practice the drills as a warm up before running or on their own 2 days a week.

#1 Jogging with High Feet

Feet should come up close to your knees while staying under your hips.

#2 Jog is a S-shape

Wide arching turns where you should feel some stress on the outside of your knees.

#3 Jog and Spin

Work to maintain balance and your hips over your feet.

#4 High Knees and Butt Kicks

Light on your feet while working to kick your butt with heel and bring your knee to the level of your hip.

#5 Carioca

This drill is your hips twisting and not just a crossing of your feet. Your hips should face the direction you are traveling, followed by you tail bone facing the direction you are traveling.

#6 Skipping

Coordinate the knee drive with punching your hand overhead. Work to get tall on every skip.

#7 Skaters

Light on your feet and work to keep your hips under your shoulders rather than leaning forward.

#8 Run 3 Different Speeds

Incorporate all the skills you just practiced. Be light on your feet, drive you knee, keep your hip under your shoulders, and do it all fluently. There should be a distinct difference between your 3 running speeds.