Ryan has a degree in Physical Education w/ Applied Health Science and has spent 11 years coaching and teaching athletes.


His experience ranges from working with youth athletic development, sports performance with elite highschool and college athletes, traditionally coaching high school basketball, and coaching individuals in the endurance based sports of running and obstacle racing. 

Through his experiences Ryan has learned that the most important component to coaching any athlete is developing a strong relationship and working together with each individual to develop the best plan of attack for them. 


Born and raised in the Green Mountains of Vermont, Ryan spent his childhood running through the woods, building forts, biking, house chores, and playing a wide variety of sports from sun up to sundown. 

Hard work was etched into his DNA through his coaches and hard construction labor through high school and college. 

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Obstacle racing came naturally to Ryan as it was not much different from his everyday activities as a kid. The only missing piece he needed to master was endurance after coming from basketball and football.


In 2015, after just starting he underwent surgery to correct a preexisting hip injury that took him out from training until early 2017.

In 2018, after patient rehabilitation and development of his aerobic systems, Kempson started showcasing what he is capable of on the biggest stage. He is transforming into a wrecking ball in the sport.


Ryan has his sights on a world title and being a consistent force across all disciplines for years to come. He understands to continue he will need to develop into a top-class mountain runner. He is spending the majority of his time in the Green Mountains of Vermont and the White Mountains in New Hampshire learning to be an elite runner not only in OCR but in the trail running community as well. He has his work cut out but Ryan loves the challenge. 



Until the world is back in action there are limited races planned. In their place Ryan will be taking on a handful of person projects in the form of big adventures throughout New England.