Vermont 4000ers FKT

The Vermont 4000ers includes summiting the peaks of the five 4,000’ Mountains in Vermont and connecting them by biking on the scenic Route 100.

The stats come out to running 22 miles with 11,000’ of elevation gain and biking 100 miles with 7,000’ of elevation gain.

The peaks include Mt Mansfield, Camels Hump, Mt Ellen, Mt Abraham, and Killington. The previous Fastest Known Time (FKT) was held by Peter Howe, who is a phenomenal mountain runner. It was unclear how stout the FKT was as Peter was the first to complete this adventure. Ryan and Aaron learned fast it was going to take a solid effort to match Peters time of 15hours 56minutes. More so that they chose to make an attempt during record high spring temperatures for Vermont.

Why they chose to take it on?

Ryan and Aaron both compete professionally in the sport of Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) in which many may be familiar with Spartan Race. With the horizon absent of racing they both were itching to stir up the competitive juices and find a way to stretch their boundaries of fitness. The VT 4000ers is an super aesthetic challenge that embodies the essence of Vermont.


FKT’s carry certain standards based on the variation of the attempt. The Vermont 4000ers was done as a “Self Supported” which is defined as you may have as much support as you can manage or find along the way, but not from any pre-arranged people helping you. This can range from caching supplies in advance, purchasing supplies along the way, to finding or begging for food or water.”

For Aaron and Ryan this allowed them to cache a few bags/coolers of food, water and supplies at the transitions between biking and running. Even with the caches the boys had a bit of weight to carry for each of the 2-3.5hour bikes an

d runs that included all the water, fuel, our shoes and spare clothes (didn’t need much on th

is day).

Outside of the caches, Aaron and Ryan drank LOTS of stream water and chomped on the last bits of snow on the mountains.